Foreign Missions

Foreign Missions

Acts 1:8:     “But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be wittnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and all of Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” 



Ivy Creek Church members, partnering with other area churches in order to provide for the impoverished people that live in the land fill in Guatemala City, send teams every year during the Summer in order to minister to the Guatemala people and to support the local church and school.  Bringing God’s word to the Guatemala people through various projects including building beds and stoves in their homes that are in the Guatemala City land fill.  Ministering in local schools, churches and nutrition centers encouraging the people of Guatemala with God’s Word and the love of Jesus Christ.



Ivy Creek Baptist Church will be putting together a team to send to Guatemala for the Summer of 2017.  Previous teams have brought back wondrous testimonies of the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ   Every team member has returned with such joyous blessings.  The blessings that each member has brought back is so encouraging and fulfilling the love that Jesus gave in the great commission in Matthew 28.

Due to the Zika Virus, we have had to cancel themission trip for 2016,  For additiona information, please contact Todd Bevill @ (678) 765-7732.

Please click the below link for Missions Application information and requirements.

Click here:  Missions Application Packet     Guatemala Mission Trip Overview


Hungry4Him -1 Hungry4HIM Ministries  Kenya:


Wednesday, February 19, 2014, Pastor Benard visted with Ivy Creek Baprist Church to bring an update on the schools that he has founded in Kenya.  Pastor Benard let us know that the sponsorship that is provided by Ivy Creek Baptist Church is supporting children that otherwise could be starving and homeless.  Pastor Benard related that there are approximately 810 children attending these schools and that there is a very deep need for more sponsorship to support these very needy children.  Pastor Benard asked that we all pray for the needs of the children of Kenya.

Hungry4HIM partners with Kenyan church leaders to disciple children of poverty and provide for their basic needs by supporting Bernard’s Vision School.

Ivy Creek Baptist Church supports Pastor Benard through prayer and Hungry4Him Ministries.

Other Countries:

Ivy Creek Baptist Church also sponsers Missionaries in non-disclosed countries.  Due to the sensitive nature and the political unrest of these countries, the need for God’s word is great.