Leadership Team

Leadership Team

ICBC has an active and engaging women’s ministry!  You are invited to come alongside and engage your gifts and skills!

IMG_1716 (4)Co-Leaders: Lori Knuteson, Mary Oliver

Gatherings Coordinators: Millie Smith, Alicia Williams

Secretary: Susan Peevy

Treasurer: Michelle Foster

Information Coordinators: Lillian Todd, Amie Litt

Devotional Coordinator: Vacant

Ministry Outreach Coordinator: Jo Forrest

Life Journey Coordinator: Jan Bullock

Hospitality Coordinators: Bobbie Masters, Betty Warbington

Condolence Food/Shower Groups Coordinator:  Linda Farrar

Morning Bible Study Leader: Carolyn Longmuir

Evening Bible Study Leader: Sheila Halker

Special Projects Group:  Diane Maltos, Susan Silvers, Pat McCann, Teresa Hewell, Chris Croker