AWANA Parents

AWANA Parents

August 2017

Dear parents,

We are excited for our new AWANA year to start and look forward to spending the year with your children!

The goal of AWANA is to equip parents to guide their family’s spiritual development. We strongly encourage you to work with your child in their handbook! Help kids memorize the verses – talk about what the verse means and how they can use it in their life. Read Bible passages and answer questions as a family. Use your children’s handbooks for family devotions, or have a Scripture memory contest. The handbooks have tools and practical suggestions to help you learn and study together. A few minutes a day yields eternal rewards!

The Creek Kids AWANA Club meets from 6:30 until 8:00 pm on most Wednesday evenings during the school year.  Dates are posted on the church website and on the attached calendar. The club meeting begins promptly at 6:30pm. For ages K – 5th grade, the evening is divided into three 30 minute periods. Sparks and T&T clubbers will rotate through the following activities:

  • Fast Track:  (NEW THIS YEAR!) For those who are here early…Meet downstairs at 6:15 to recite verses, get caught up or just have some one-on-one time to work through handbook.
  • Large Group Time: An interactive, age-appropriate Bible lesson, worship and/or prayer time and an awards presentation.
  • Game Time: high energy, exciting games played on the outdoor Awana game circle or indoors during cold or wet weather.
  • Handbook Time: Clubbers work in small groups or one-on-one with a leader to review handbook activities and recite the memory verses they have learned at home.

Puggles and Cubbies will enjoy the same three activities in a self-contained format.

What to wear to club :

  • Your AWANA uniform shirt or vest
  • comfortable pants or shorts

Awards will only be presented to clubbers in uniform, including having all awards they have earned correctly displayed.  Clubbers must also be in uniform to carry the flag during the flag ceremony or to be selected for other special jobs or activities.  Please note that athletic shoes with ties or Velcro are REQUIRED for your child to be allowed to participate in Game Time.  We do not allow children to play games while wearing Crocs, sandals, flip-flops or Toms.   This is for your children’s safety and comfort.  If you bring a friend, please tell them to wear athletic shoes.  We don’t want anyone to get hurt! 

What to bring to club:

  • Your Awana handbook and Bible
  • Your uniform
  • A friend!

Please write your child’s name in their uniform, Bible, book bag and/or jacket.

Finances:  Each child must also purchase a uniform and handbook (card kit for Puggles).  Other optional supplies are available as well; see the attached order form for more information.   Please don’t let finances prevent your child(ren) from participating in AWANA. Scholarships are available.  Email for more info on scholarships.

Awards:  Cubbies, Sparks and T&T clubbers have the opportunity to earn awards throughout the year.  Most awards are earned by completing sections in the handbook. Clubbers receive their awards the week after they are earned. The handbook will explain the awards for that particular club and how they should be worn. Clubbers may also earn AWANA “bucks” as a reward and incentive that they will be able to spend at the AWANA store in December and April.

Awana Discipline System:

  • 5-Count.  An attention-getting system used to quiet or bring order to an entire group.  The person in charge initiates the 5-count by holding up one hand and slowly and loudly counting to 5.  At the count of 5, all clubbers and leaders should be quiet and paying attention.
  • 3-Count.  A warning system is used for children who are not following club behavior standards. If a clubber receives three warnings for improper behavior in one club meeting, the clubber’s parents will be asked to pick him or her up. He or she may return to club the following week by agreeing to abide by club rules.

Creek Kids AWANA Rules:

  • I RESPECT God (Revelation 4:11)
  • I RESPECT others (Luke 6:31)
  • I RESPECT myself (Psalm 139:14)
  • I RESPECT my own/other people’s property (Psalm 24:1)

Creek Kids Awana Club Standards


  1.  Be on time.
  2.  Wear your uniform and athletic shoes.
  3.  Bring your Bible and handbook.
  4.  Obey your leaders at all times.
  5.  Use words that are kind and encouraging.
  6.  Show respect for the church property.
  7.  Don’t push or roughhouse.  Running is allowed only during game time.
  8.  Show good sportsmanship.
  9.  Work on your handbook at home; come to club ready to recite.
  10.   Set a good example (II Timothy 4:12).


  1.  Make sure your child(ren) arrive on time with their uniform, athletic shoes, handbook, Bible and jacket if needed.
  2.  Make AWANA a priority in your plans.  Clubbers who receive help at home and have consistent attendance get the most benefit from AWANA.
  3.  Be committed to working with your child(ren) in their handbooks.
  4.  Pray for our church, AWANA club, leaders and clubbers.

Looking forward to a wonderful year learning God’s Word!

Caroline Dale, Ivy Creek Children’s Director