Leadership Team

Leadership Team

ICBC has an active and engaging women’s ministry!  You are invited to come alongside and engage your gifts and skills!

Please feel free to contact any of the team at women@icbcga.org .

Becky Bowie
Lori Knuteson

Gatherings Coordinators
Danielle Wiley
Alicia Williams

Donna Webb

Sandy Wertz

Information Coordinator
Sherry Jordan

Themes & Decorations
Chris McKee
Peggy Norton
Mary Province
Lisa Viera

Devotional Coordinator
Sheilah Halker

Ministry Outreach Coordinator
Melanie Majors

Life Journey Coordinators
Char Kreider
Menninette Kline

Hospitality  Coordinators
Brenda Cheek
Linda Cooper

Condolence Food/Showers Groups Coordinators
Jane Pollock
Tricia Bolian

Meals for New Moms Coordinators
Karen Keltner
Kelly Roberts

Bible Study Liaison
Carolyn Longmuir

Bible Study Leaders
Sheilah Halker
Andi Worley

Special Projects Group
Mary Oliver
Cathy Limmer
Whitney Anderson