Guatemala Missions

Guatemala Missions

Guatemala Missions

Ivy Creek Baptist sends a mission team each July to Guatemala to help local Pastors minister to their communities in Guatemala City and Patzun.  The communities we serve are impoverished areas where drugs, alcohol, and gang membership have taken their toll.  The teams visit local schools, homes, participate in church services, conduct VBS at local churches, and help with construction projects.  Our goal is to spread the gospel of Christ to these communities by loving, teaching, serving and encouraging.

Pastor Jorge and Pastor Jaime

Guatemala Mission Trip 2020

July 18th- 25th

Your 2020 Guatemala mission team:

Mokles Bekhet, Presley Dale, Amy Friend, Dylan Friend, Will Halker, Olivia Hundley, Jon Lassiter, Josuha Lassiter, Emma Mainer, Kim Mainer, Stephen Mainer, Bill McCann, Pat McCann, Kelly Shinliver, Dave Wiley, and Emmaline Williams

Past Mission Trips

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Guatemala 2017

Guatemala 2018

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