Youth Parents

Youth Parents


Who are working with your youth and what do your youth do on a typical Sunday or Wednesday for church service?

Along with our Youth Pastor, Chad Roebuck, there are a few other leaders who teach or are just there to help support the youth, interact with them, minister to them, and keep an eye out during weekly services and outings. On a Sunday morning, our youth are split between middle school and high school for Sunday school at 9:30 in the Youth House with either Chad Roebuck or Corrie Shirley. Then, they are all welcomed and encouraged to attend the 11 worship service in the sanctuary.

What does a normal Wednesday Worship Service entail?

On a Wednesday evening, students gather at 6:30 for fellowship and rec time. Around 7, the entire group meets in the Youth House for announcements and worship time. Next, the students are split middle school and high school for the lesson. The high school students meet with Chad and Casey Roebuck for Bible Study. While the middle school students meet with Joseph and Erin Caufman, and Dana Breedlove for Bible Study.

At 8:00 all students except Youth choir can be picked up. We have Youth Choir each Wednesday from 8-8:30 in the Youth House with Joseph and Erin Caufman leading.

How can you as a parent get involved?

The first and most important way you can be involved is to encourage your students to be there and bring their Bibles. This is extremely important as your teenager lives their lives and grows closer to God. There are so many outside influences that influence your teenager. The leadership at Ivy Creek wants to invest in your teenager and make the most of the time we have with them. Now we know the responsibility mostly falls on you as a parent to bring your teenager to church and to pick them up. Let us thank you ahead of time for your time and dedication for doing so. The other important factor in dropping your teenager(s) off is to ensure they bring their Bibles. We don’t expect you to hold their hands but we would like your help in holding them accountable. The Word of God is the most important object we have and our discussions are derived from Scripture.  We ask your teenagers if they have brought their Bibles every normal week and expect them to read and follow along during the lesson. Thanks in advance!

Another area in which you may be involved is when we are able to go on outings and have parties at the youth house throughout the year. These are great areas where you can get involved. We understand that not every teenager wants their mom or dad around and that is completely normal. However, if there is a mutual agreement between you and your teenager(s) we more than welcome you to help us out. We send out emails about upcoming activities and events and are always looking for parents to help out.