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New Year, New Perspective: Pastor Dave Wiley’s thoughts on the mission trip to Guatemala

My first trip to Guatemala with Ivy Creek was last year. In regards to the trip, I was nervously excited. I had been to Guatemala before, but I was taking a youth group and I was the leader of the trip and we went to a different city. In being the leader of the trip, you have a majority of the questions answered. As the leader, you know where you are staying, what you are going to eat and what you are going to do (or at least in the case of our trip, trusted the people who had been working in that area to give me this information).

Last year’s trip was different. I was not the group leader. Yes, I was on staff and the pastor for the trip but someone else had made all the arrangements. It had been since high school that I had gone on a mission trip and did not have anything to do with the logistical planning of the trip. Needless to say, all the nerves and cautiousness were relieved as we went through the trip. I trusted those that God has placed in leadership and watched God work through our team and had a truly amazing experience.

This year is different. This year is pure excitement. I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead for Ivy Creek as we expand our mission influence to the people of Guatemala. What changed? Well, there is always confidence in doing something twice. There is a natural assurance because you have seen everything before. I know where we are staying, what the food is like and met the people with whom we are working.

There is also confidence in the leadership. Our team leader has worked, communicated and trained us in preparation of doing the work God has put before us when we arrive in Guatemala. Stephen loves the people and the work that is happening in Guatemala and it shows in his leadership of this team which gives us confidence as we look to where God is leading us.

It is with great confidence and excitement as we head into this year’s trip because of what God is already doing in Zone 21 (an area of Guatemala City) and Patzun (agricultural community outside of Guatemala City). Pastors Jaime and Jorge have done an excellent job of reaching out in their communities to share the love of Jesus. All we are doing is going down to assist in areas where God is already at work. It is exciting to see how God is expanding these ministries and how He will work through them to change the people in Zone 21 and Patzun.

Pray for us as we head out Saturday to share the love of Christ with the people of Guatemala

New Year, New Perspective: Pastor Dave Wiley’s thoughts on the mission trip to Guatemala