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Sermons on Daniel

Living Boldly in the Land of Confusion

Sermon #7 in the Series: “Confidence in Confusing Times” Scripture: Habakkuk 3:16-19. Sermon Titled: “Living Boldly in the Land of Confusion” Sermon in a Sentence: “When living in such confusing times taking a stand for God allows us to see the excellence of God through our current circumstances.”

Handwriting on the Wall

Scripture: Daniel 5:13-31. “Handwriting on the Wall” Sermon In a Sentence: “The handwriting on the wall of our hearts reveals God’s grace, mercy and love for each of us warning us that we should sober up and repent as we realize that God holds our breath and all our days in his hand and has provided a Savior to redeem and restore us.”

Seeing Clearly in 2020

Sermon Title: Seeing Clearly in 2020. Scripture: Daniel 2. Sermon In a Sentence: “Believers are called to leave behind the lifestyle we led prior to faith in Christ and to allow the Holy Spirit to change our thinking and conform our lifestyle to our new identity.In this new decade, if we are to see clearly, we must have a clear view of the sovereign God of Daniel who reveals all secrets, controls all things, raises up all rulers, gives all wisdom, knowledge and understanding, and brings all things out of darkness into the light!”

Taking a stand in the middle of the fire

Sermon Title: Taking a stand in the middle of the fire. Sermon in a Sentence: In the midst of our trials, as believers, we must continue to show our true love for God and our true faith in God by not doubting God’s ability to deliver us but also not presuming we know His will for our lives and leaving our fate in God’s hands.