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Sermons on James

Joy in the Journey

Scripture: James 1:1-12. Sermon Titled: “Joy in the Journey” Sermon in a Sentence: “We must find pure joy in the journey we are on because we know that God uses trials to build in us a faith that will become mature and complete and we have a promise that our perseverance will be rewarded greatly and eternally.”

Behaving our Belief

SCRIPTURE REFERENCE: James 1:19-27 SERMON OUTLINE We are quick to hear God’s Word. Vs. 19 You can’t do what you don’t know. Hearing is both corporate and private. We welcome God’s Word. Vs. 19-21. Welcoming God’s Word is about our attitude. God’s Word is liberating not restrictive. We then obey God’s Word. Vs. 22-25. There is a difference in the casual hearer and the serious hearer. The biggest challenge is obeying what we know. We must apply God’s Word to…

Behaving our Belief