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Sermons on Matthew

Are you Prepared?

Scripture: Matthew 24:42-25:30. Sermon Titled: “Are you Prepared?” Sermon in a Sentence: “Be it at the end of the age or the end of our lives, we must prepare ourselves to meet the Lord by living watchful, faithful, ready, and fruitful lives, because we will be judged by Him.”

Three Responses to Christ the King

Scripture: Matthew 2:1-12. Sermon Titled: “Three Responses to Christ the King” Sermon in a Sentence: “Wise men, women, boys, and girls will respond to Christ the King by receiving His gift of salvation and devoting their lives completely to Him.”

Where Are Your Heart, Eyes, and Service Focused?

Scripture: Matthew 6:19-24. Sermon Titled: “Where Are Your Heart, Eyes, and Service Focused?” Sermon in a Sentence: “The life of a true Christian is characterized treasuring, worshiping, and serving the Lord Jesus whole-heartedly and refusing to be ruled by money and possessions.”

The Fundamental Nature of Forgiveness

Scripture: Matthew 18:21-35. Sermon Titled: “The Fundamental Nature of Forgiveness” Sermon in a Sentence: “The power of the cross frees us from the debt of our sin and our enslavement to sin, and it empowers us as forgiven people to forgive others.”

Jesus Walks on the Water

Sermon Title: Jesus Walks on the Water” Scripture: Matthew 14:22-33. Sermon In a Sentence: “The contrary winds of life will be against us, but Jesus always walks above the wind and waves to bring calmness and peace and ultimately saves those who trust in Him so that we can worship Him.”

Following Jesus, the Light of the World, pt.2

Sermon #9 in Sermon Series: Follow Me! Sermon Title: Following Jesus, the Light of the World, pt.2 Scripture: Matthew 5:14-16. Sermon In a Sentence: “Following Jesus necessitates reflecting His light to the world and setting an example worth following so that He may be glorified through you.”

The Demands of Following Jesus, pt.2

Sermon #3 in Sermon Series: Follow Me! Sermon Title: The Demands of Following Jesus, pt.2. Scripture: Matthew 16:24-27. Sermon In a Sentence: “To follow Jesus, we must be willing to give ourselves up to God and die to a life centered on this world, knowing that all the temporal things we lose will be replaced by the infinitely greater and eternal rewards of heaven and the joy of forever being with our Savior.”

The Call to Follow Jesus

Sermon #1 in Sermon Series: Follow Me! Sermon Title: The Call to Follow Jesus. Scripture: Matthew 4:12-22; 9:9. Sermon In a Sentence: “The call to follow Jesus requires sinners and outcasts like you and me to respond in faith by repenting of our sins and obediently surrendering everything to His Lordship.”

The Love of Christmas

Series Title: Advent 2019. Sermon #4 Sermon Title: The Joy of Christmas. Scripture: Luke 2:1-20. Sermon In a Sentence: “The love of Christmas is truly celebrated when we come to appreciate the profound theological implications of the Savior’s birth, when we stand amazed at His loving sacrifice for our sins, and when we respond in faith and obedience to the love we have been shown.”

Preparing the Way in the New Year

New Year’s 2019 (Matthew 3:1-12): Title: “Preparing the way in the new year”, Sermon in a Sentence: ” Just as the message, appearance, testimony and purpose of John were used by God to prepare the way of the coming savior, God uses our influence, actions, purpose and testimony to herald His message of salvation through Jesus Christ. “

The Wise Still Seek Him

Christmas 2018 Matthew 2:1-12 – Sermon in a Sentence: Wise men and women will respond to God’s revelation of Christ by seeking and worshiping Him.

Jesus’ Family Christmas Tree

Series Major Christmas 2018 (Matthew 1:1-17): Title: “Jesus’ Family Christmas Tree”, Sermon in a Sentence: ” Jesus is Israel’s true King – the anointed Savior of all nations – who has come to break the curse of sin and bestow His grace on sinners and outcasts.”

Salty and Shiny Christians

Matthew 5:13-16 Title: “Salty and Shiny Christians”, Sermon in a Sentence: “Because believers have the inherent qualities of “salt” and “light,” we must actively allow those qualities to impact and penetrate the decaying and darkened world in which we live for the glory of God.”

What the Empty Tomb Signifies

Sermon #46 from the Series The Gospel of Mark (28:1-10 ): Title: “What the Empty Tomb Signifies” “The empty tomb signifies that Jesus Christ has universal authority and that He is Lord.”

Jesus Touches the Untouchable

Sermon #25 from the series: “The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached” (Scripture Reference: Matthew 8:1-4). Sermon in Sentence – “Jesus is ready and willing to touch every untouchable sinner who will admit their unclean and hopeless condition, and in humility come to Him in faith.”

The Danger of Self-Deception

Sermon #24 from the series: “The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached” (Scripture Reference: Matthew 7:21-27). Sermon in Sentence – “Do not deceive yourself: No one will ever enter the kingdom of heaven by merely professing, merely doing, or merely hearing the right things, but by entering into a personal relationship with Jesus that is demonstrated through a life of obedience.”

Warning against False Prophets

Sermon #23 from the series: “The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached” (Scripture Reference: Matthew 7:12). Sermon in Sentence – “Since our hope of eternal life is dependent on our entering through the narrow gate onto the narrow path, then you and I must practice vigilance and use discernment so that we may recognize those whose goal is to lead us from that narrow path.”