Sermons by Ted Williams

Sermons by Ted Williams

Encourage One Another

(Acts 11:19-26): Title: “Encourage One Another” “The life of Barnabas epitomizes a life devoted to others and sets a high standard of consistently seeking out avenues to encourage others so that the Kingdom of God is advanced.”

Mighty Man of Valor

(Hebrews 11:32-35 & Judges 6-8): Title: “Mighty Man of Valor” – There is only one mighty man of valor and he is Jesus Christ, who came to save you and me from our enemies.

More, more, more…

(Ephesians 3:14-21): Title: More, more, more… – ” God wants to give you more of what you need most, but you must want it, ask for it, and believe that He is able to do abundantly exceedingly above all that you can fathom.”

Bless the Lord…Pure Worship

Psalm 103 Sermon in a Sentence ” The reality of God’s great goodness and our great need of Him should constantly call us to the deepest and purest worship of God.”

Joyful Giving

Christmas 2016 – Joyful giving is the result of following God’s greatest example of giving and of knowing that God promises to bless the giver.

2 Corinthians 9:6-15

Because God is able to cause his grace to abound, we are sure to have all we need to overflow/abound in doing the work God has given us.

The Value of Living Stones

(1 peter 2:1-10). Sermon in a Sentence – “True believers are living stones that find their eternal worth in proclaiming the excellencies of God, who is the chief cornerstone.”

Keep Fighting

Jude 16-25—Keep Fighting Contending for the Faith-Part 3 Sermon in a Sentence: True believers keep fighting by remembering the Word of God, remaining faithful in prayer, reaching out to those who have stumbled, resting in Christ’s ability and rejoicing in God’s greatness.

A Fight Worth Fighting Contending for the Faith-Part 1

(Scripture Reference: Jude 1-4). Sermon in a Sentence – “It is a necessity that we fully understand our relationship with Christ taking firm grasp of the doctrinal pillars of the Christian Faith and being willing to not compromise our living for Christ.”