"1 John" Tagged Sermons

"1 John" Tagged Sermons

John’s Epilogue Pt.2: Peter’s Restoration

Sermon #10 in the Series: “Looking to the Cross and the Empty Tomb” Scripture: John 21:15-25. Sermon Titled: “John’s Epilogue Pt.2: Peter’s Restoration” Sermon in a Sentence: “There is hope for those who have failed to experience forgiveness and restoration, and to live their lives with a unique purpose in service of the Lord.”

Love is a Battle

Title: “Love is a Battle” Sermon in a Sentence: “In a constant war that is being waged by the enemy on our families we must remember that we are called to love as we have been loved and it is out of that love that we will overcome the battle in our hearts to win our families and show grace to our neighbors.”

John’s Final Word

Since we know that our assurance, confidence, promise, and certainty come from the only true God through faith in Jesus, His Son, then we must guard our hearts against the temptation to worship worthless and counterfeit misrepresentations of Him.

Who’s Your Daddy? A Spiritual Paternity Test

Sermon #8 from the series: “The Epistles of John” (Scripture Reference: 1 John 3:4-10 ). Sermon in Sentence – “Because of the nature and origin of sin, the nature and work of Christ, and the nature and lineage of the Christian, whoever willfully allows and accepts sin as a practice of their lives must honestly examine themselves to see if they truly are a child of God and have been born again.”

Do Not Love the World

Sermon #5 from the series: “The Epistles of John” (Scripture Reference: 1 John 2:12-17 ). Sermon in Sentence – “If our testimony is that through Christ we have been forgiven of our sins, have come to know the Father and have experienced His victory, then we must not fall prey to the temptation to give our affections to a corrupt and fleeting world system that is in fundamental rebellion against God.”