"anticipation" Tagged Sermons

"anticipation" Tagged Sermons

Sermon Series Psalms: Songs of the Heart

A Battle Prayer

Sermon #10 from the Series: Psalms: Songs from the Heart Scripture: Psalm 20. Sermon Title: “A Battle Prayer” Sermon In a Sentence: “In times of anxiety and adversity, God’s people must remember to look to our King Jesus who has triumphed over His foes and given us our victory in His name.”

The Misunderstood Messiah

Sermon #41 from the Series The Gospel of Mark (Mark 11:1-11): Title: “The Misunderstood Messiah” Sermon in a Sentence: When we fervently worship a messiah who we believe should fulfill our agendas and bring us comfort and prosperity, we fail to recognize the true Messiah who gave His life for others and calls us to surrender and follow Him.