"celebration" Tagged Sermons

"celebration" Tagged Sermons

Waiting on the Lord

Luke 2:22-35 – Sermon in a Sentence: “Simeon’s example of waiting on Jesus’ coming should be a model for us as we anticipate and wait on Jesus’ imminent second coming.”

Something Old and Something New

Sermon #10 from the Series The Gospel of Mark (Mark 2:21-22): “Something Old and Something New” Sermon in a Sentence – “The gospel of Jesus is not a patch to be added to our old self, nor can it be contained within old religious structures; rather, it is the good news that in Christ we are made new, wearing new robes of His righteousness and filled with the new wine of His Spirit.”

It Was Great…But Not the Greatest

Sermon #11 from the series: “For Such a Time as This” (Scripture Reference: Esther 9:1-10:3). Sermon in Sentence – “We must remember, celebrate and pass on to future generations that through His death and resurrection, Jesus Christ has brought about history’s “Greatest Reversal” by which He has turned our tragedy into triumph and brought everlasting peace to us who were once under God’s wrath.”