"Circumstances" Tagged Sermons

"Circumstances" Tagged Sermons

A Thanksgiving Sermon

Sermon Title: A Thanksgiving Sermon . Scripture: Psalm 107:1-32. Sermon In a Sentence: “Because we have been saved, freed, healed, and delivered, we who are redeemed should always be thankful and ready to give testimony to the Lord’s grace and mercy”

The Sovereign Savior

Sermon #54 from the Series The Gospel of Mark (Mark 14:1-11): Title: “The Sovereign Savior ” Sermon in a Sentence: “The Lord’s Supper is a time of reflection that reminds us of His sovereignty over our circumstances, the absolute necessity of His sacrifice, and that His salvation is our only hope.”

What Now?

Title: “What Now?” – Sermon in a Sentence: No matter what happens in this coming year, whether good or bad, if we can still rejoice, still pray and still give thanks, we are not only doing God’s will for our lives, we are also giving light into this dark world.

The Greatest Christmas Gift

Sermon #4 from the Series An Old Testament Christmas (Isaiah 9:1-7): Title: “Christmas Contrasts” Sermon in a Sentence: The gift of Christ reverses our circumstances, dispels the darkness and gloom of our lives brought about by our sin, and brings us deliverance and salvation.

Jesus, the Greater King

Sermon #2 from the series: “For Such a Time as This” (Scripture Reference: Esther 1:1-22). Sermon in Sentence – ” The eternal and majestic King of kings who providentially brings His plans to pass invites sinners like you and me to Himself in order to lavish His grace and mercy upon us.”