"contradiction" Tagged Sermons

"contradiction" Tagged Sermons

Sermon Series Psalms: Songs of the Heart

Worship the Majesty of God

Sermon #5 from the Series: Psalms: Songs from the Heart Scripture: Psalm 8. Sermon Title: Worship the Majesty of God Sermon In a Sentence: “His creation of the universe and His care of humanity should cause your soul to burst forth in humble adoration of the majestic God who loved you enough to send His Son to be your Savior.”

Love is a Battle

Title: “Love is a Battle” Sermon in a Sentence: “In a constant war that is being waged by the enemy on our families we must remember that we are called to love as we have been loved and it is out of that love that we will overcome the battle in our hearts to win our families and show grace to our neighbors.”