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"Devotion" Tagged Sermons

Contrasts Within the Church

Sermon #7 from the Series Titled: “Acts: The Advance of the Gospel” Scripture: Acts 4:32-5:11. Sermon Titled: “Contrasts Within the Church” Sermon in a Sentence: “A healthy fear of our Holy God will keep us from hypocrisy and greed so that by His grace we remain a united, generous community that is devoted to the Lord and to one another.”

The Characteristics of a Spirit-Filled Church

Sermon #4 from the Series Titled: “Acts: The Advance of the Gospel” Scripture: Acts 2:42-47. Sermon Titled: “The Characteristics of a Spirit-Filled Church” Sermon in a Sentence: “A Spirit-filled church will be made up of Spirit-filled believers who are passionate about studying the Bible, sharing with one another, telling others about Jesus, and worshiping together by joyfully and reverently remembering what Christ has done for them.”

Jesus Heals the Nobleman’s Son

Sermon #3 from the Series Titled: “Signs Revealing the Person of Jesus” Scripture: John 4:43-54. Sermon Titled: “Jesus Heals the Nobleman’s Son” Sermon in a Sentence: “Our interest in Jesus must move past superficial and self-centered motivations to a faith that sees Him for who He truly is – the Christ, the Savior of the world.”

Extravagant Worship

Sermon #53 from the Series The Gospel of Mark (Mark 14:1-11): Title: “Extravagant Worship” Sermon in a Sentence: “Jesus endured rejection, betrayal, and ultimately death to save us from our sins, and is, therefore, worthy of our extravagant love, devotion, and worship.”

The Portrait of a Christ-Follower (Part 3)

Sermon #4 from the series: “The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached” (Scripture Reference: Matthew 5:7-9). Sermon in a Sentence – “God’s blessing rests on those who devote themselves to mercy, purity, and peacemaking because they are recipients of those same things by God’s grace through Christ.”