"fear" Tagged Sermons

"fear" Tagged Sermons

Like Father, Like Son

Sermon #3 from the Series Major Genesis Part Three: The Story That Explains Our Stories (Genesis 26:1-11): Title: “Like Father, Like Son”, Sermon in a Sentence: “Rather than allowing adversity to cause us to cower in fear and make a mockery of our faith, we should instead walk in fearless obedience, trusting fully in God’s promises.”

The Resurrection of Jesus

Sermon #63 from the Series The Gospel of Mark (Mark 16:1-8): Title: “The Resurrection of Jesus”, Sermon in a Sentence: “The historical reality of the resurrection of Jesus brings joy out of despair, restoration out of failure, and faith out of fear.”

What the Empty Tomb Signifies

Sermon #46 from the Series The Gospel of Mark (28:1-10 ): Title: “What the Empty Tomb Signifies” “The empty tomb signifies that Jesus Christ has universal authority and that He is Lord.”