"Fellowship" Tagged Sermons

"Fellowship" Tagged Sermons

Three Parables, One Message

Scripture: Luke 15. Sermon Titled: “Three Parables, One Message” Sermon in a Sentence: “Whenever a lost sinner trusts only in the finished work of Christ, repents of sin, and is restored to fellowship with God, there is cause for great joy and celebration.”

John’s Epilogue Pt.1: The Large Catch and Breakfast by the Sea

Sermon #9 in the Series: “Looking to the Cross and the Empty Tomb” Scripture: John 21:1-14. Sermon Titled: “John’s Epilogue Pt.1: The Large Catch and Breakfast by the Sea” Sermon in a Sentence: “We will experience the blessings of the Lord that will far exceed our expectations and imaginations when we place our trust in the all-sufficient Savior, live our lives in obedience to Him, and pursue intimate fellowship with Him.”

The Rewards of Following Jesus, pt.3

Sermon #7 in Sermon Series: Follow Me! Sermon Title: The Rewards of Following Jesus, pt.3. Scripture: John 21-1-22. Sermon In a Sentence: “Though you may have failed miserably, when you look only to Jesus and follow Him, you can be forgiven and have the focus of your life and your fellowship with Him restored.”

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