"follow" Tagged Sermons

"follow" Tagged Sermons

A Lesson on Riches, Redemption, and Rewards

Sermon #39 from the Series The Gospel of Mark (Mark 10:23-31): Title: “A Lesson on Riches, Redemption, and Rewards” Sermon in a Sentence: The gift of salvation-a blessing of infinite value that is worth every sacrifice-comes through faith in the finished work of Christ and is proof of God’s blessing upon your life, not material wealth and prosperity.

A Failure Is Forgiven and Restored

John 21:11-19 – A Failure Is Forgiven and Restored – The failures of your past do not disqualify you from the hope of a bright future of glorifying God, because Christ forgives, restores, and gives purpose in living…so follow Him!

Identification, Friend or Foe

Sermon #11 in the Series “The Epistles of John” – When confronted with people who claim to teach spiritual truth, those who belong to the community of faith (because of the Holy Spirit’s indwelling) are to do two things: examine the content of their message in light of the consistent and orthodox Christology taught by the apostles, and examine the character of the audience that listens to their message.