"glory" Tagged Sermons

"glory" Tagged Sermons

The Great Parabola of Scripture

Sermon #4 in the Series: “Who Are We? A Study in Philippians” Scripture: Philippians 1:3-26. Sermon Titled: “The Great Parabola of Scripture” Sermon in a Sentence: “Because Christ humbly gave Himself in selfless service for our salvation, we who have been united to Him by faith must follow His example of humility and live lives of unreserved self-sacrifice for the sake of the gospel and the glory of God.”

Jesus Prays for Himself, His Disciples, and Us

Sermon #1 in the Series: “Looking to the Cross and the Empty Tomb” Scripture: John 17. Sermon Titled: “Jesus Prays for Himself, His Disciples, and Us.” Sermon in a Sentence: “Jesus’ prayer looks forward to the cross by which He is ultimately glorified and His church is protected, sanctified, commissioned, and unified in the hope of eternal life in His presence.”

Simeon’s Song of Salvation

Sermon Title: Simeon’s Song of Salvation. Scripture: Luke 2:21-35. Sermon In a Sentence: “As the long-awaited Messiah who was born to die, Jesus Christ is humanity’s only hope of salvation.”

The Battle is the Lord’s

1 Samuel 17 Title: “The Battle is the Lord’s”, Sermon in a Sentence: “The message of the gospel is that we do not need to live in fear and defeat because Jesus Christ has won the battle we could not win for ourselves, and He offers victory to all who will stop trusting in their own abilities and place their trust in Him.

A Mountain Peak Passage

Philippians 2:5-11: Title: “A Mountain Peak Passage “, Sermon in a Sentence: “We should display the same humble attitude that Christ had because doing so prepares us to live a life of unreserved self-sacrifice for the sake of the gospel and the glory of God.”

The Christmas Comfort Zone

Sermon #2 from the Series An Old Testament Christmas (Isaiah 40:1-11): Title: “The First Christmas Message” Sermon in a Sentence: Christmas brings the comfort that we can have forgiveness of our sins, the hope of glory, confidence in God’s promises and power, and the assurance that the same Christ who fights for us will also carry us home.

Mistakes that Compromise Your Christian Witness

Sermon #34 from the Series The Gospel of Mark (Mark 9:30-41): Title: “Mistakes that Compromise Your Christian Witness?” Sermon in a Sentence: To avoid mistakes that compromise our witness, we must focus on the cross and the sacrifice it demands, be willing to serve others and put ourselves last, and not criticize or tear down the work of fellow believers who seek to glorify Christ.