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"God" Tagged Sermons

Behaving our Belief

SCRIPTURE REFERENCE: James 1:19-27 SERMON OUTLINE We are quick to hear God’s Word. Vs. 19 You can’t do what you don’t know. Hearing is both corporate and private. We welcome God’s Word. Vs. 19-21. Welcoming God’s Word is about our attitude. God’s Word is liberating not restrictive. We then obey God’s Word. Vs. 22-25. There is a difference in the casual hearer and the serious hearer. The biggest challenge is obeying what we know. We must apply God’s Word to…

Vision 2020: Avoiding Roadblocks in your Journey

Sermon Title: Vision 2020: Avoiding Roadblocks in your Journey. Scripture: Numbers 22:1-35. Sermon In a Sentence: “As we set our sights on 2020, let us avoid roadblocks in our journey by growing deeper in our relationship with Jesus every day so that we, unlike Balaam, remember that God’s will is always better than my will, His message will always prevail, and He knows our hearts more intimately than anyone else.”

Seeing Clearly in 2020

Sermon Title: Seeing Clearly in 2020. Scripture: Daniel 2. Sermon In a Sentence: “Believers are called to leave behind the lifestyle we led prior to faith in Christ and to allow the Holy Spirit to change our thinking and conform our lifestyle to our new identity.In this new decade, if we are to see clearly, we must have a clear view of the sovereign God of Daniel who reveals all secrets, controls all things, raises up all rulers, gives all wisdom, knowledge and understanding, and brings all things out of darkness into the light!”

Blessings and Reminders

Sermon #28 from the series: Genesis Part Three: The Story That Explains Our Stories. Sermon Title: Blessings and Reminders. Sermon in a Sentence: While earthly prosperity is a blessing from God, Christians must remember that heaven is our ultimate home, not this world, and that our ultimate priority is not to accumulate wealth, but to share the good news of Christ with the world.

A Lesson on Riches, Redemption, and Rewards

Sermon #39 from the Series The Gospel of Mark (Mark 10:23-31): Title: “A Lesson on Riches, Redemption, and Rewards” Sermon in a Sentence: The gift of salvation-a blessing of infinite value that is worth every sacrifice-comes through faith in the finished work of Christ and is proof of God’s blessing upon your life, not material wealth and prosperity.