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"Good" Tagged Sermons

Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead

Sermon #8 from the Series Titled: “Signs Revealing the Person of Jesus” Scripture: John 11:1-44. Sermon Titled: “Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead” Sermon in a Sentence: “Through His substitutionary death and victorious resurrection, Jesus brings glory to His Father and life to the spiritually dead who believe in Him.”

Hold Fast to the Truth of Jesus (pt.2)

Sermon #4 from the series: Letters from the Lord. Sermon Title: Hold Fast to the Truth of Jesus (pt.2). Scripture: Revelation 2:18-29. Sermon In a Sentence: Though constantly tempted to compromise both morally and theologically, true believers and churches are called to remain faithful to our Lord’s divine Word and receive His reward of fellowship and eternal life.The Lord will judge the church and those believers who tolerate false teaching and corrupt morality, while those who hold fast to the true gospel will be rewarded in eternity.

Jesus, Lord of the Sabbath

Sermon #11 from the Series The Gospel of Mark (Mark 2:23-3:6): “The Sabbath is God’s gift of love that reminds us our work neither creates, saves, nor sanctifies us, but that all of these blessings are accomplished through faith in Jesus Christ, the Lord of the Sabbath.”

Ending the Journey with Blessing

Sermon #6 from the series: “The Psalms of the Ascent: As pilgrims united together through Christ who bless God with our lips and our lives, we journey with confidence that the Maker of heaven and earth has blessed us with eternal life in heaven with Him.

Journeying with Help from Above, and in Community Below

Sermon #2 from the series: “The Psalms of the Ascent: A Disciple’s Journey toward the Heart of God.” As disciples journeying toward the heart of God, the assurance of God’s constant and everlasting protection, coupled with the blessing and joy of worshiping Him alongside other believers, will keep us from worry and fear and unite us in peace and love.

Whom Will You Serve, God or Mammon?

Sermon #17 from the series: “The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached” (Scripture Reference: Matthew 6:22-24. Sermon in Sentence – “The life of a true Christian is characterized by a clear-eyed, single-minded devotion to Christ that refuses to be ruled by money and possessions, but instead treasures, worships and serves the Lord whole-heartedly.”

Will Good Win?

Sermon #4 from the series: Preparing for the Future by Examining the Past (Scripture Reference: Genesis 3:1-24).

Will Good Win?