"Gospel" Tagged Sermons

"Gospel" Tagged Sermons

A Mountain Peak Passage

Philippians 2:5-11: Title: “A Mountain Peak Passage “, Sermon in a Sentence: “We should display the same humble attitude that Christ had because doing so prepares us to live a life of unreserved self-sacrifice for the sake of the gospel and the glory of God.”

Look, Listen, and Learn!

Sermon #31 from the Series The Gospel of Mark (Mark 9:1-13): Title: “Look, Listen, and Learn!” Sermon in a Sentence: Jesus encourages and enables His people to follow Him on the cross-bearing path of self-denial by granting a glimpse of the glory that Christ and His people will have in the coming kingdom, and by speaking to us through His Word, which tells us of His plan to redeem His people through the cross and empty tomb.

Jesus Feeds the 5000

Sermon #22 from the Series The Gospel of Mark (Mark 6:30-44): Title: “Jesus Feeds the 5000” – The Lord Jesus reveals Himself to be the compassionate shepherd who satisfies the true hunger of our souls by providing us with what we need most – Him! .

Shining Lights and Sowing Seeds

Sermon #15 from the Series The Gospel of Mark (Mark 4:21-34): Title: The Parable of the Soils – “Careful hearers of the Word will be faithful sowers of gospel seed and can be confident that God will build His kingdom through the light of Christ and His gospel.”

An Introduction to the Gospel of Mark

Sermon #1 from the Series: The Gospel of Mark – Mark 8:22-38 “An Introduction to the Gospel of Mark” Sermon in a Sentence – You and I cannot remain the same once we encounter Jesus the Messiah because He is the Suffering Servant who came to save sinners by dying in their place, and He rightfully has the authority to make His claim upon our lives.