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"Heaven" Tagged Sermons

Viewing Our Heavenly Home

Scripture: Revelation 21:9-27. Sermon Titled: “Viewing Our Heavenly Home” Sermon in a Sentence: “The real treasure of heaven is not the things that our sinful hearts naturally gravitate toward here on earth, but rather the unobstructed, unfettered, unrestricted access to God that comes only through faith in the redemptive work of Jesus Christ and Him alone.”

The Birth of Jesus

Christmas 2020 Series Sermon #4 Scripture: Luke 2:1-7. “The Birth of Jesus” Sermon In a Sentence: “We will be ready for Christmas when we believe that in Christ, God has reversed our fortunes at His cost.”

Everyone reach one, but why?

Though the account of Paul’s conversion on the road to Damascus is an incredible example of Christ’s saving power, we have the same power alive in us that saved us from the same destiny as Paul and should ignite a fire in us to always be ready to share the Gospel with others.

The Parable of the Soils

Sermon #14 from the Series The Gospel of Mark (Mark 4:1-20): Title: The Parable of the Soils – “The only proper response to the message of the gospel is to believe it and receive it into our hearts and allow it to grow so that it produces fruit for the kingdom of heaven.”

Living in a Faraway Land among Faraway People

Sermon #1 from the series: “The Psalms of the Ascent: A Disciple’s Journey toward the Heart of God” Sermon in a Sentence: As lied about and lied to pilgrims living in an antagonistic world, far from home and in great distress, we must turn to God in prayer and trust in His sovereign judgment and protection.

Whom Will You Serve, God or Mammon?

Sermon #17 from the series: “The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached” (Scripture Reference: Matthew 6:22-24. Sermon in Sentence – “The life of a true Christian is characterized by a clear-eyed, single-minded devotion to Christ that refuses to be ruled by money and possessions, but instead treasures, worships and serves the Lord whole-heartedly.”

Whom Will You Serve, God or Mammon?