"Humble" Tagged Sermons

"Humble" Tagged Sermons

Faith That Overcomes Fear

Sermon #10 from the Series Major Genesis Part Three: (Genesis 31:1-21): Title: “Faith That Overcomes Fear”, Sermon in a Sentence: “Faith demands that when trouble comes, we not be overwhelmed with fear by forgetting the One who keeps His promises to us because of His grace—not our merit.”

Beware and Be Aware!

Sermon #51 from the Series The Gospel of Mark (Mark 12:38-44): Title: “Beware and Be Aware! ” Sermon in a Sentence: “Regardless of how impressive or meager the externals may be, God looks at the inward qualities of a person and condemns the self-sufficient heart gripped by pride, greed, and hypocrisy, and commends the humble, sacrificial, and devoted heart of one who is fully dependent upon Him.”

Crumbs for Dogs

Sermon #26 from the Series The Gospel of Mark (Mark 7:24-30): Title: “Crumbs for Dogs” – Though we are unworthy, we may partake of the blessings and benefits of Jesus Christ by coming to Him with a desperate, persistent, and humble faith, appealing to Him for His mercy and grace.

What a Thankful Heart Is

Sermon #5 from the series: “The Psalms of the Ascent: A thankful heart is a rescued heart convinced of God’s protection, a forgiven heart assured of God’s mercy, and a humble heart contented with God’s will.

Jesus Touches the Untouchable

Sermon #25 from the series: “The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached” (Scripture Reference: Matthew 8:1-4). Sermon in Sentence – “Jesus is ready and willing to touch every untouchable sinner who will admit their unclean and hopeless condition, and in humility come to Him in faith.”

Radical Righteousness: The Christian and All-Out Love

Scripture Reference:  Matthew 5:43-48 Sermon in a Sentence The radical righteousness that Christ demands requires us to love not only our friends who love us in return, but also our enemies who hate us and desire to harm us, because we are true children of God who live with a heavenly rather than an earthly perspective. Sermon Outline As believers, we are not to limit the degree to which we love, or the people to whom we show love. Engaging…