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"Hypocritical" Tagged Sermons

Contrasts Within the Church

Sermon #7 from the Series Titled: “Acts: The Advance of the Gospel” Scripture: Acts 4:32-5:11. Sermon Titled: “Contrasts Within the Church” Sermon in a Sentence: “A healthy fear of our Holy God will keep us from hypocrisy and greed so that by His grace we remain a united, generous community that is devoted to the Lord and to one another.”

“Judge Not!”

Sermon #19 from the series: “The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached” (Scripture Reference: Matthew 7:1-6). Sermon in Sentence – “Christians are not called to suspend all critical thinking or the practice of discernment, but we are prohibited from having a self-righteous, hypercritical spirit that presumes to sit in judgment over others.”

“Judge Not!”