"Joseph" Tagged Sermons

"Joseph" Tagged Sermons

From the Prison to the Palace

Sermon #22 from the series: Genesis Part Three: The Story That Explains Our Stories . Sermon Title: From the Prison to the Palace from Genesis 41. Sermon in a Sentence: We are called to entrust ourselves to the Sovereign God who in His own good time and providence exalts His suffering servant – Joseph then and Jesus now – to save and rescue the world.

Meeting Joseph’s Brothers

SCRIPTURE REFERENCE: Genesis 37:18-36    SERMON IN A SENTENCE The only hope for guilty, hardened, and troubled sinners like you and me lies in the fact that Jesus endured the pain, suffering, and death of the cross to bring about our salvation. SERMON OUTLINE They were troubled by the truth. They were hardened by their hatred. They were guilty of causing grief.

Encourage One Another

(Acts 11:19-26): Title: “Encourage One Another” “The life of Barnabas epitomizes a life devoted to others and sets a high standard of consistently seeking out avenues to encourage others so that the Kingdom of God is advanced.”