"Majesty" Tagged Sermons

"Majesty" Tagged Sermons

Jesus, Betrayed and Arrested

Sermon #2 in the Series: “Looking to the Cross and the Empty Tomb” Scripture: John 18:1-14. Sermon Titled: “Jesus, Betrayed and Arrested” Sermon in a Sentence: “Jesus surrendered Himself to be betrayed, arrested, and ultimately crucified in order to drink the cup of God’s wrath so that sinners like you and me can be saved.”

The Majesty of the Cross

Sermon #60 from the Series The Gospel of Mark (Mark 15:16-32): Title: “On the cross, Jesus showed the world that He is worthy to be worshiped and adored as the King of Glory who took on the guilt of the sins of His people by dying in their place.”

The Storms of LIfe

Sermon #16 from the Series The Gospel of Mark (Mark 4:35-41): Title: The Storms of LIfe – ” The storms of life provide us with the opportunity to be awestruck at the identity, authority, and majesty of Jesus, and remind us of the faith that we must have in Him.”

Jesus, the Greater King

Sermon #2 from the series: “For Such a Time as This” (Scripture Reference: Esther 1:1-22). Sermon in Sentence – ” The eternal and majestic King of kings who providentially brings His plans to pass invites sinners like you and me to Himself in order to lavish His grace and mercy upon us.”