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A Spiritual Workout Plan

Sermon #5 in the Series: “Who Are We? A Study in Philippians” Scripture: Philippians 2:12-18. Sermon Titled: “A Spiritual Workout Plan” Sermon in a Sentence: “As members of this “You-All,” “Gospel-First” family of believers, we must live peaceful, holy, and upright lives that serve as examples for others to follow and cause us to live lives full of joy.”

Peace of God

Scripture Reference: Psalm 131 Sermon in a Sentence: As we live in these uncertain and anxious times, resting in our relationship with Jesus helps us get off the unhealthy ladder of comparison, find contentment in our risen savior which gives us hope now and forevermore.

Lessons Learned From a Dying Patriarch

Sermon #30 from the series: Genesis Part Three: The Story That Explains Our Stories. Sermon Title: Lessons Learned From a Dying Patriarch Sermon in a Sentence: We must place our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, who frees us from the penalty of our sin, and calls us to live obedient lives in light of His promised blessing.
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Zerubbabel’s Christmas Card from the Lord

Sermon #5 from the Series Major Messages from a Minor Prophet (Haggai 2:20-23): Title: “Zerubbabel’s Christmas Card from the Lord”, Sermon in a Sentence: “Our hope is that God’s eternal plan for our redemption is fulfilled in the rule and reign of Jesus Christ.”