"promises" Tagged Sermons

"promises" Tagged Sermons

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Zerubbabel’s Christmas Card from the Lord

Sermon #5 from the Series Major Messages from a Minor Prophet (Haggai 2:20-23): Title: “Zerubbabel’s Christmas Card from the Lord”, Sermon in a Sentence: “Our hope is that God’s eternal plan for our redemption is fulfilled in the rule and reign of Jesus Christ.”

What’s a Guy Like You Doing in a Dump Like This?

1 Samuel 27 Title: “What’s a Guy Like You Doing in a Dump Like This?”, Sermon in a Sentence: “Whatever burdens we may have that weigh us down, we must lean on Jesus Christ, trusting in Him alone for the forgiveness of our sins and for the rest we need from our struggles.”

Assured of God’s Promises

Sermon #9 from the series: Preparing for the Future by Examining the Past (Scripture Reference: Genesis 9:8-17). Sermon in a Sentence: “The faithfulness of God to His promises give believers assurance that they will be delivered from His judgment.”