"purpose" Tagged Sermons

"purpose" Tagged Sermons

John’s Epilogue Pt.2: Peter’s Restoration

Sermon #10 in the Series: “Looking to the Cross and the Empty Tomb” Scripture: John 21:15-25. Sermon Titled: “John’s Epilogue Pt.2: Peter’s Restoration” Sermon in a Sentence: “There is hope for those who have failed to experience forgiveness and restoration, and to live their lives with a unique purpose in service of the Lord.”

Preparing the Way in the New Year

New Year’s 2019 (Matthew 3:1-12): Title: “Preparing the way in the new year”, Sermon in a Sentence: ” Just as the message, appearance, testimony and purpose of John were used by God to prepare the way of the coming savior, God uses our influence, actions, purpose and testimony to herald His message of salvation through Jesus Christ. “

The Jesus Whose Agenda Challenges Ours

Sermon #5 from the Series The Gospel of Mark (Mark 1:29-39): “Jesus confronts our self-centered agendas by following the agenda given Him by His Father: to preach the good news and give His life as a sacrifice for sinners.”

A Failure Is Forgiven and Restored

John 21:11-19 – A Failure Is Forgiven and Restored – The failures of your past do not disqualify you from the hope of a bright future of glorifying God, because Christ forgives, restores, and gives purpose in living…so follow Him!