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Simeon’s Song of Salvation

Sermon Title: Simeon’s Song of Salvation. Scripture: Luke 2:21-35. Sermon In a Sentence: “As the long-awaited Messiah who was born to die, Jesus Christ is humanity’s only hope of salvation.”

The Hope of Christmas

Series Title: Advent 2019. Sermon Title: The Hope of Christmas. Scripture: Isaiah 40:1-11 . Sermon In a Sentence: “We can wait in hopeful anticipation of Christmas because we are certain of our salvation in Christ, confident in God’s promises and power, and assured that Christ fights for us and will carry us home.”

Meeting Joseph’s Brothers

SCRIPTURE REFERENCE: Genesis 37:18-36    SERMON IN A SENTENCE The only hope for guilty, hardened, and troubled sinners like you and me lies in the fact that Jesus endured the pain, suffering, and death of the cross to bring about our salvation. SERMON OUTLINE They were troubled by the truth. They were hardened by their hatred. They were guilty of causing grief.

The Battle is the Lord’s

1 Samuel 17 Title: “The Battle is the Lord’s”, Sermon in a Sentence: “The message of the gospel is that we do not need to live in fear and defeat because Jesus Christ has won the battle we could not win for ourselves, and He offers victory to all who will stop trusting in their own abilities and place their trust in Him.

The Sovereign Savior

Sermon #54 from the Series The Gospel of Mark (Mark 14:1-11): Title: “The Sovereign Savior ” Sermon in a Sentence: “The Lord’s Supper is a time of reflection that reminds us of His sovereignty over our circumstances, the absolute necessity of His sacrifice, and that His salvation is our only hope.”

The Christmas Comfort Zone

Sermon #2 from the Series An Old Testament Christmas (Isaiah 40:1-11): Title: “The First Christmas Message” Sermon in a Sentence: Christmas brings the comfort that we can have forgiveness of our sins, the hope of glory, confidence in God’s promises and power, and the assurance that the same Christ who fights for us will also carry us home.

Living in Truth and Love

As believers who have received the fullness of God’s salvation through Christ, we must live obedient lives that are characterized by simultaneously walking in truth and in love.

Ark-eology Part 1

Sermon #7 from the series: Preparing for the Future by Examining the Past. (Scripture Reference: Genesis 6:9-7:6, 7:17-24). Sermon in a Sentence: “God’s judgment is coming, but He has provided a way of escape and salvation.”

Ark-eology Part 1