"Suffering" Tagged Sermons

"Suffering" Tagged Sermons

Meeting Joseph’s Brothers

SCRIPTURE REFERENCE: Genesis 37:18-36    SERMON IN A SENTENCE The only hope for guilty, hardened, and troubled sinners like you and me lies in the fact that Jesus endured the pain, suffering, and death of the cross to bring about our salvation. SERMON OUTLINE They were troubled by the truth. They were hardened by their hatred. They were guilty of causing grief.

Mark’s Pinnacle Passage

Sermon #30 from the Series The Gospel of Mark (Mark 8:27-9:1): Title: “Mark’s Pinnacle Passage” Sermon in a Sentence: Our hope for heaven depends upon our unashamed confession that Jesus is the crucified and resurrected Christ, which necessitates our commitment to follow Him all the way to the cross.

An Introduction to the Gospel of Mark

Sermon #1 from the Series: The Gospel of Mark – Mark 8:22-38 “An Introduction to the Gospel of Mark” Sermon in a Sentence – You and I cannot remain the same once we encounter Jesus the Messiah because He is the Suffering Servant who came to save sinners by dying in their place, and He rightfully has the authority to make His claim upon our lives.