"Trouble" Tagged Sermons

"Trouble" Tagged Sermons

Sermon Series Psalms: Songs of the Heart

From Sighing to Singing

Sermon #6 from the Series: Psalms: Songs from the Heart Scripture: Psalm 13. Sermon Title: From Sighing to Singing Sermon In a Sentence: “When God delays and you feel abandoned, pour out your heart to Him, trust in His unfailing love, and allow your troubled sigh to turn to thankful song.”

Looking Back and Looking Up in the Face of Trouble

Sermon #3 from the series: “The Psalms of the Ascent: A Disciple’s Journey toward the Heart of God” – When we look around at our circumstances and at the troubles we may face, rather than despair, we must look back in remembrance to all that God has done, and look up in faith to the One who abounds in love and mercy.