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"Warning" Tagged Sermons

Fearlessness in the Face of Furious Firepower

Sermon #6 from the Series Titled: “Acts: The Advance of the Gospel” Scripture: Acts 4:1-31. Sermon Titled: “Fearlessness in the Face of Furious Firepower” Sermon in a Sentence: “Rather than responding with timidity and fear, when faced with opposition and persecution the Holy Spirit empowers us to boldly proclaim that Jesus alone saves.”

Lasting Responses to the Last Words

Scripture: Revelation 22:6-21. Sermon Titled: “Lasting Responses to the Last Words” Sermon in a Sentence: “The reality of heaven, the return of Christ, and the reliability of God’s Word necessitate that we respond in faith and live obedient, worshipful, holy lives that count on God’s grace.”

A Prophet without Honor

Sermon #19 from the Series The Gospel of Mark (Mark 6:1-6): Title: “A Prophet without Honor” – To be amazed by and familiar with Jesus yet remain unchanged and unmoved to come to Him in humble faith will result in the loss of His grace, mercy and salvation.