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The Characteristics of a Spirit-Filled Church

Sermon #4 from the Series Titled: “Acts: The Advance of the Gospel” Scripture: Acts 2:42-47. Sermon Titled: “The Characteristics of a Spirit-Filled Church” Sermon in a Sentence: “A Spirit-filled church will be made up of Spirit-filled believers who are passionate about studying the Bible, sharing with one another, telling others about Jesus, and worshiping together by joyfully and reverently remembering what Christ has done for them.”

What to Do While You Wait on God’s Green Light

Sermon #2 from the Series Titled: “Acts: The Advance of the Gospel” Scripture: Acts 1:8-26. Sermon Titled: “What to Do While You Wait on God’s Green Light” Sermon in a Sentence: “As we wait for God’s green light, rather than passively wasting our time in idleness, we must engage in purposeful prayer, study His Word, and pursue His will.”

Lasting Responses to the Last Words

Scripture: Revelation 22:6-21. Sermon Titled: “Lasting Responses to the Last Words” Sermon in a Sentence: “The reality of heaven, the return of Christ, and the reliability of God’s Word necessitate that we respond in faith and live obedient, worshipful, holy lives that count on God’s grace.”
Sermon Series Psalms: Songs of the Heart

Are You Blessed?

Sermon #1 from the Series: Psalms: Songs from the Heart Scripture: Psalm 1. Sermon In a Sentence: “The person who would be blessed must reject the way of the ungodly that leads to destruction and enter upon the path that leads to eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ.”

Behaving our Belief

SCRIPTURE REFERENCE: James 1:19-27 SERMON OUTLINE We are quick to hear God’s Word. Vs. 19 You can’t do what you don’t know. Hearing is both corporate and private. We welcome God’s Word. Vs. 19-21. Welcoming God’s Word is about our attitude. God’s Word is liberating not restrictive. We then obey God’s Word. Vs. 22-25. There is a difference in the casual hearer and the serious hearer. The biggest challenge is obeying what we know. We must apply God’s Word to…

Forgiveness: The Greatest Miracle of All

Sermon #7 from the Series The Gospel of Mark (Mark 2:1-12): “The foremost and greatest miracle that Jesus ever performs is the forgiveness of sins because it meets the greatest need, brings the greatest blessing, and costs the greatest price.”

Forgiveness: The Greatest Miracle of All