"worship" Tagged Sermons

"worship" Tagged Sermons

The Wise Still Seek Him

Christmas 2018 Matthew 2:1-12 – Sermon in a Sentence: Wise men and women will respond to God’s revelation of Christ by seeking and worshiping Him.

Extravagant Worship

Sermon #53 from the Series The Gospel of Mark (Mark 14:1-11): Title: “Extravagant Worship” Sermon in a Sentence: “Jesus endured rejection, betrayal, and ultimately death to save us from our sins, and is, therefore, worthy of our extravagant love, devotion, and worship.”

The Fig Tree, the Temple, and Christ’s Judgment

Sermon #43 from the Series The Gospel of Mark (Mark 10:46-52): Title: “He Brings Sight to the Blind” Sermon in a Sentence: Jesus is always ready to bring sight and salvation to those who will admit their spiritual blindness and their need to be saved, and trust in Him as Savior and Lord.”

Whom Will You Serve, God or Mammon?

Sermon #17 from the series: “The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached” (Scripture Reference: Matthew 6:22-24. Sermon in Sentence – “The life of a true Christian is characterized by a clear-eyed, single-minded devotion to Christ that refuses to be ruled by money and possessions, but instead treasures, worships and serves the Lord whole-heartedly.”