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Fellowship with the Light

Scripture Reference:  1 John 1:5-2:2

Sermon in a Sentence

In His brilliant light, God exposes the reality of the darkness of our sin that necessitated the atoning death of Jesus Christ that cleanses us and restores our fellowship with Him.

Sermon Outline

Foundational Thesis: God is light who displays pure holiness, illumines truth, and gives eternal life.

  1. Because His light displays pure holiness, we lie when we claim to have fellowship with God yet willfully live in the ongoing darkness of sin.
  2. Because His light illumines truth, we lie to ourselves and call God a liar when we refuse to admit our sin.
  3. Because His light gives eternal life, when we agree with Him concerning our sin and determine to live according to the truth, God forgives us and brings us into fellowship with Him and each other.

Fellowship with the Light