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Do Not Love the World

Scripture Reference:  1 John 2:12-17

Sermon in a Sentence

The relevance or irrelevance of a past profession of faith is proven by a present and ongoing love for the Lord demonstrated by an obedience to His command to love one another.

Sermon Outline

1. True believers are those who have been forgiven of their sins by Christ, who possess a saving knowledge of God the Father, and who have overcome the power of the devil.

2. As true believers we must not love the values and pursuits of a world that stands in opposition to God.

a. We must guard against the temptation that come from both the inside and the outside that cause us to indulge our fleshly passions and boast in ourselves rather than God.

b. We must realize that worldly values and pursuits are incompatible with God’s nature and are temporary and headed for destruction.