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2 Samuel 4:1-12 Seeking Success

Sermon #22 in the Series: Studies in the Life of David

Sermon Outline

  1. Debilitation
  2. Assassination
  3. Motivation
  4. Adjudication


  • If you place your hope and confidence in the wrong source, any success you achieve will be temporary.
  • In God’s kingdom, any success pursued by unrighteous motives or achieved through unrighteous means will ultimately be judged as a failure.
  • Having a confident hope in God that waits on Him while acting righteously leads to lasting success.
  • When you trust in God and live obediently to Him, then what may appear to the world as an utter failure will be deemed a success in God’s kingdom.

Sermon in a Sentence

True and lasting success comes from trusting Jesus as your Savior and making Him the Lord of your life.