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Sermons from December 2016

Joyful Giving

Christmas 2016 – Joyful giving is the result of following God’s greatest example of giving and of knowing that God promises to bless the giver.

The Christmas Story According to Jesus

Christmas 2016: The Christmas story, according to Jesus, is that as the pre-existent Son of God, He was pleased to be born for the specific purpose that He might die and fulfill the will of God by becoming the once-and-for-all perfect sacrifice who saves us from our sins.

Ending the Journey with Blessing

Sermon #6 from the series: “The Psalms of the Ascent: As pilgrims united together through Christ who bless God with our lips and our lives, we journey with confidence that the Maker of heaven and earth has blessed us with eternal life in heaven with Him.

Ending the Journey with Blessing