Sermons from January 2018

Jesus’ Encounter with the Rich Young Ruler

Sermon #38 from the Series The Gospel of Mark (Mark 10:17-22): Title: “Jesus’ Encounter with the Rich Young Ruler” Sermon in a Sentence: Eternal life is a treasure of infinite and all-surpassing worth-a gift from God that cannot be earned-and as such, it demands that those who receive it let go of anything that would dethrone Christ from His rightful position as Savior and Lord.

Jesus Loves the Little Children

Sermon #37 from the Series The Gospel of Mark (Mark 10:13-16): Title: “Jesus Loves the Little Children” Sermon in a Sentence: By welcoming and blessing little children, Jesus demonstrates that the kingdom of God belongs to the weak, helpless, and dependent who cannot earn their salvation, but rather, receive it by simple faith as an undeserved gift.

The Question about Divorce

Sermon #36 from the Series The Gospel of Mark (Mark 10:1-12 ): Title: “The Question about Divorce” Sermon in a Sentence: Since God designed marriage as a union between one man and one woman, singularly devoted to each other for life, we must not let our hearts that are hardened by sin and selfishness complicate and seek to undo His plan.

Christianity is Serious Business

Sermon #35 from the Series The Gospel of Mark (Mark 9:42-50): Title: “Christianity is Serious Business” Sermon in a Sentence: The serious business of being a Christian is expressed in these ways: through Jesus’ warning against causing others, or ourselves, to go astray, through His prediction of persecution, and through His command to have a positive impact upon the world and upon each other.

Christianity is Serious Business