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Sermons from April 2019

“Coming Back From Rock Bottom”

SCRIPTURE REFERENCE: Genesis 35:1-15   SERMON IN A SENTENCE In order to reverse the slide toward—or to rebound from—rock bottom, you must rekindle your passion for the Lord, repent of that which you have allowed to take His place, and remember His promises and past faithfulness. SERMON OUTLINE Comfort Completion Correction Confirmation

The Road to Recognition

Luke 24:13-35 – Sermon Title “The Road to Recognition”, Sermon in a Sentence “Faith that Jesus was crucified and has risen from the grave turns hopelessness into hope, fear into courage, and despair into joy.”

Wicked Hearts & Messed Up Lives

SCRIPTURE REFERENCE: Genesis 34:1-31 SERMON IN A SENTENCE A lack of complete obedience leads to grave consequences for us and for others and highlights the great need for a gracious Redeemer. SERMON OUTLINE Jacob’s Partial Obedience Jacob’s Favoritism Jacob’s Silence Jacob’s Response Consequences of Jacob’s Actions A daughter is defiled A holy sign of God is weaponized A city is massacred and decimated Sons lose their blessing and inheritance

Wicked Hearts & Messed Up Lives