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Sermons from July 2020

Peace of God

Scripture Reference: Psalm 131 Sermon in a Sentence: As we live in these uncertain and anxious times, resting in our relationship with Jesus helps us get off the unhealthy ladder of comparison, find contentment in our risen savior which gives us hope now and forevermore.

Behaving our Belief

SCRIPTURE REFERENCE: James 1:19-27 SERMON OUTLINE We are quick to hear God’s Word. Vs. 19 You can’t do what you don’t know. Hearing is both corporate and private. We welcome God’s Word. Vs. 19-21. Welcoming God’s Word is about our attitude. God’s Word is liberating not restrictive. We then obey God’s Word. Vs. 22-25. There is a difference in the casual hearer and the serious hearer. The biggest challenge is obeying what we know. We must apply God’s Word to…

Jesus Walks on the Water

Sermon Title: Jesus Walks on the Water” Scripture: Matthew 14:22-33. Sermon In a Sentence: “The contrary winds of life will be against us, but Jesus always walks above the wind and waves to bring calmness and peace and ultimately saves those who trust in Him so that we can worship Him.”

Jesus Walks on the Water