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Sermons from December 2021

Emmanuel, God with Us!

Scripture: Philippians 2:3-11. Sermon Titled: “Emmanuel, God with Us!” Sermon in a Sentence: “For such a long time Jesus seemed so far away but because of His humbleness, obedience and eternal vision, He heard our prayers and came 2,000 years ago to stay and now it is up to us to go and tell of His glorious sacrifice He made for His people.”

Three Responses to Christ the King

Scripture: Matthew 2:1-12. Sermon Titled: “Three Responses to Christ the King” Sermon in a Sentence: “Wise men, women, boys, and girls will respond to Christ the King by receiving His gift of salvation and devoting their lives completely to Him.”

Change Brought About By a Child

Scripture: Isaiah 9:1-7. Sermon Titled: “Change Brought About By a Child” Sermon in a Sentence: “At Christmas we celebrate the birth of a Child who changes everything.”

The Condescension of Christ at Christmas

Scripture: John 1:1-18. Sermon Titled: “The Condescension of Christ at Christmas” Sermon in a Sentence: “The incredible thing about the condescension of Christ at Christmas is that God took on human flesh to die on Calvary’s cross because we matter to Him.”

The Condescension of Christ at Christmas