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Sermons from January 2022

The Invitation to the Great Banquet

Scripture: Luke 14:16-24. Sermon Titled: “The Invitation to the Great Banquet” Sermon in a Sentence: “Those who are self-assured and preoccupied with their own lives will miss out on God’s great banquet; but those who recognize their own inadequacies and unworthiness, and accept God’s gracious invitation will feast in His kingdom forever.”

Lasting Responses to the Last Words

Scripture: Revelation 22:6-21. Sermon Titled: “Lasting Responses to the Last Words” Sermon in a Sentence: “The reality of heaven, the return of Christ, and the reliability of God’s Word necessitate that we respond in faith and live obedient, worshipful, holy lives that count on God’s grace.”

A View From the Throne: Paradise Restored

Scripture: Revelation 22:1-5. Sermon Titled: “A View From the Throne: Paradise Restored” Sermon in a Sentence: “Even with all the wonderful things that we have learned, and all that we wish we could know, it is the prospect of eternal fellowship with the Savior who loves us and died for us that gives heaven its greatest meaning.”

Viewing Our Heavenly Home

Scripture: Revelation 21:9-27. Sermon Titled: “Viewing Our Heavenly Home” Sermon in a Sentence: “The real treasure of heaven is not the things that our sinful hearts naturally gravitate toward here on earth, but rather the unobstructed, unfettered, unrestricted access to God that comes only through faith in the redemptive work of Jesus Christ and Him alone.”

All Things Made New

Scripture: Revelation 21:1-8. Sermon Titled: “All Things Made New” Sermon in a Sentence: “The dawning of the New Year reminds believers that we have a new heaven and new earth to look forward to where we will live in God’s presence and be satisfied by His pleasures forever.”