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Sermons from October 2022

Is Jesus Enough?

SCRIPTURE REFERENCE:    Acts 15:1-35 Sermon #23 from the series:  Acts: The Advance of the Gospel   SERMON OUTLINE   The ____________________________________   The _____________________________________   The _____________________________________   SERMON IN A SENTENCE Because He is enough, Jesus plus anything else equals nothing, but Jesus plus nothing else equals everything!  

Ministry’s Roller Coaster Ride

SCRIPTURE REFERENCE:    Acts 14:1-28 Sermon #22 from the series: Acts: The Advance of the Gospel SERMON IN A SENTENCE Despite life’s roller coaster ride, God’s grace will sustain you as you maintain a commitment to the gospel.   SERMON OUTLINE 1. ________________________ _________________________ 2. ________________________ _________________________ 3. ________________________ _________________________

The Gospel Story

SCRIPTURE REFERENCE:    Acts 13:13-52 SERMON IN A SENTENCE The apex of human history is the promised, crucified, buried, and resurrected Christ in whom we are called to believe, and through whom we are saved and given everlasting life.   SERMON OUTLINE The ________________________ Israel’s __________________________________  __________________________________  __________ Story

Persecution and the Prevailing Power of God