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Sermons from January 2023

How to Turn the Word Upside Down (Right Side Up)

SCRIPTURE REFERENCE: Acts 17:1-15 Sermon #26 from the series: Acts: The Advance of the Gospel SERMON IN A SENTENCE The only hope for an upside-down world to be turned right side up is for the truth of God’s Word to be proclaimed, believed, and obeyed. SERMON OUTLINE Fearlessly declare the truth. Ground it in Scripture.  Give it strategically. Guide our hearers to the Savior Faithfully devote ourselves to the truth. Receive it passionately. Research it prudently. Respond to it properly.

What Do These Stones Mean?

SCRIPTURE REFERENCE: Joshua 4:20-24 SERMON IN A SENTENCE May we always remember what the Lord has done and reveal His glory to our children and to the nations so that all may revere Him and rejoice in His salvation. SERMON OUTLINE Remembrance Revelation Reverence Rejoicing

Living as Children of God

SCRIPTURE REFERENCE: 1 John 2:28-3:3 SERMON IN A SENTENCE As children of God who have been born of Him, belong to Him, and will one day be like Him, we must abide in Him and seek to live holy lives free from fear and shame. SERMON OUTLINE Confidence Identity Expectation

The Devil Made Me Do It!

SCRIPTURE REFERENCE: James 1:13-27 SERMON IN A SENTENCE Temptation can easily lead us away from God and entangle us in sin but if we know who our fight is against, rely on our ally, have a plan to overcome our temptation and know our strategy for continuing to walk away from our temptation, we will continually walk towards God, grow into the follower He has called us to be, and bring Him the glory He deserves. SERMON OUTLINE Know your…

The Miraculous Birth of the Believer

SCRIPTURE REFERENCE: John 3:1-9 SERMON IN A SENTENCE The miraculous birth of the believer is a work of God’s grace wherebynsinners gain eternal life by becoming new creatures through the convicting work of the Holy Spirit who leads them to repentance toward God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. SERMON OUTLINE The Meaning The Method The Magnitude