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5 Foundation Stones of Growing Disciples

SCRIPTURE REFERENCE:    Luke 2:46-52      


  1.  Learn to Feast on the Word, Luke 2:46 

    1. A. Food Source of New Christians? God’s W________ 
    1. B. Three Stages of a Growing Disciple’s Life 

    Stage1- I Am Dependent 

    Stage 2- I Am Independent 

    Stage 3- I Have a Dependent 

    II. Learn to be Prayer Warrior. Luke 2:45 & 6:12-13 

    1. A. Prayer changes you as much as it changes others 
    2. B. Prayer is caught more than taught 

    III. Learn to Walk by Faith, Luke 2:47-50 

    1. A. Walk alone with God 
    2. B. Walk alongside others 

    IV. Learn to Share with Others, Luke 2:41-46 

    1. A. Responsible to share the burden of others 
    2. B. Responsible to share Jesus WITH others 

    V. Learn to Trust God Wholeheartedly, Luke 2:49